avashida: (dance - scarves, spinning)

Once upon a time there was a faerie changeling...

She grew up big and strong and remade the world with a kiss

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Birthdate:Mar 1

Sia. A dreamer, a wisher, a magic-bean buyer. A seeker of enlightenment who likes chocolate too much to get very far. A star-wisher, rain-kisser, book-sniffer, wand-waver. Quiet until loud. Opinionated but polite. House trained, mostly. Married, delightedly. A writer, easily distracted. Otherkin. Pagan. Seeker of beauty and knowledge and understanding. Friend, not tamer, of unicorns.

Please come in.


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A gift from wannabeking, the best boyfriend hubby evar! :D

Made by the amazing bizzu for me, as a birthday present, for my RP pairing. Obviously, she is pure cracky WIN! Widgets Widgets
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