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avashida ([personal profile] avashida) wrote2017-06-03 12:10 am

Wonder Woman

I had to go alone, because Reno is still recovering from surgery and Patricia is on her round-the-world trip still, but I went to see Wonder Woman tonight. Alone - maybe the only time I've ever gone to a cinema by myself - in the biggest fanciest most bad-ass screen Helsinki (which means all Finland, probably) has (the sound effects shook the seats!) But I wanted so badly to see it, and support it by going on the opening weekend.

And I'm so glad I did.

You know how there are films that punch you in the gut, and others that grab you by the throat, and some that rip your heart out?

Wonder Woman hit me in the soul.

It was so, so beautiful, and so terribly necessary, and gave me so much hope even as it had me crying. For the film industry as a whole, for feminist storytelling, for diversity in movies (did anyone else know that the lead is an Israeli actress? That makes it stand so clearly in opposition to films like American Assassin, where it's all about white boys against Evil Brown People. Most of the Amazons were white or white-passing...but it's a film where an Israeli actress plays the lead against a white male villain. And that's amazing all on its own) but also for humanity. NECESSARY. Beautiful and necessary. That's all I can possibly say about it.

Now let's cross our fingers for a sequel where they delve into Diana's queerness!