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Today I managed to swoop into the centre to pick up a ResQ (chicken caesar salad, from this little place by the university that has the MOST DELICIOUS CHICKEN), pick up Reno's May Lindstrom gift from Jolie - the natural cosmetics store where he's been working at for the last year, but recently quit because they are all TOTAL DICKS - drop off his sick leave certificate to the same, whirl through and spontaneously buy a red velvet cake from our favourite bakery, buy groceries, AND make it to the post-office just in time to collect the foldable lap-desk we ordered for Reno so he can use his laptop post-surgery.

Thank all the gods, the foldable lap-desk folds up SMALL, so it was a heavy but much smaller package than I'd been afraid of. I just managed to juggle all the bags and make it home!

It was a super productive day and I'm incredibly proud of myself.

I also looked back at the list of symptoms re the autism thing, and noticed what I'd somehow missed before; that they're symptoms for Asperger's, not autism exactly. Which precipitated a bit of research into what the difference is; apparently they fall under the same umbrella of ASD - Autism Spectrum Disorder - but the main difference is that autistic people aren't really aware that they can't communicate well with other people, because they're in their own worlds, whereas with Asperger's, people can't communicate well and KNOW they can't. So people with Asperger's often end up with depression... Asperger's also tend to have average or high IQs, apparently, whereas with autism a person's IQ tends to be lower than average. Allegedly. All I really know about all this is to stay far the fuck away from Autism Speaks...

And now the hubby and I are watching RuPaul's Drag Race, season 8. I really only care about the pretty outfits, and at least for season 8, the majority of contestants are people of colour, which is fab, and a lot more of them are from the experimental edges of the drag culture. Reno and I have talked a lot about some of the problematic issues in mainstream drag; there's a fuck-ton of misogyny and transphobia, which is incredibly ironic given that we're talking about cis men dressing up as women. Because mainstream drag is appalled by 'bio-queens', or cis-women who do drag, and genderqueer or trans people doing the same. Which. Why??? There was a bit of a blow up in the Helsinki drag community not long ago, with one of the more famous Queens refusing to award a prize because the winner was trans and therefore 'didn't count', or some bullshit. The Queen issued a complete non-apology later, and I despise him/her. Dickhead.

But now I'm going to curl up with sparkly dresses and red velvet cake~

Edited to add: and Jacqueline Carey has apparently turned in the edits on her next, standalone epic fantasy. I AM SO EXCITED, but it won't be out until next Summer! Sigh. As if I don't have a hundred books to keep me busy until then...


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