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Title: Stolen
Rating: R
Warnings: None, really. Threat of violence?
Summary: Hear that sound.


I thought it was Damian’s hand.


I thought he was Damian.


He k-killed –


The knife flashes, and the blood spills. It washes away the mark branded onto his soul.


It shatters the world.


He throws his head back and howls, so far beyond human there are no words, so deep in the pain and the fury, the love and the hatred, the loss and the triumph, that there are no words to give voice to what’s lying in his heart. The fire and the ice, the wind and the earth, the spirit and the blood – it breaks.


It screams.


Look what you’ve done, Lucifer! From your place in the world, your hidden caverns and your nest, look at this chaos you have wrought! Are you proud? Is it an accomplishment, to commit such a theft? Do you feed off the pain when the one soul who loved you realises what you’ve done?


And what a theft! His body, his power, his heart, his soul, his name. Are you proud? What skill, to take so much, to trick such precious things from willing hands! Hands and a heart that gave and gave, a soul that lay down its life for you over and over – Prince of Pride, shameless prince! How could you? You, who know better than any other alive or dead the worth of love, you who measured it and weighed it and set its value above all other materials and emotions in this world or any other – you destroyed the only one who could ever love you.


Listen to him scream, Lucifer. Listen to him realise what you took from him. Listen to the alchemy of sound, the sound of love become hatred. Listen to the words unsaid, to the oath that howl swears on the moon and stars – can you hear your death in that sound, Lucifer? Do you hear it?


There is no enemy more deadly than one who was once a lover. There is no weapon more dangerous than the one you forged yourself. You gave him immortality, you gave him wind and fire and speed faster than light; you gave him strength and ears that hear thoughts; you gave him a spirit that can travel without its body and a body that needs no sustenance from one month to the next. You gave him a heart whose passion burns unflagging, whose hatred will never, ever die.


Prince of Lies. Will you lie even to yourself, Lucifer?


Or will you run while you still can?


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