Jun. 6th, 2017

date night

Jun. 6th, 2017 11:40 pm
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Today's major event was the going to a fancy restaurant because Reno had a giftcard about to expire. This necessitated a DRESS and EARRINGS and MAKE-UP (fifth time in my life I've ever worn it, not including fantasy make-up which is beautiful marvelous magical entirely different thing) and Reno even did my hair. (And the make-up. Obviously. I have no idea how to use any of that stuff. It is sorcery of a different kind to my own.) To be fair, I actually ended up looking quite pretty. Reno didn't go to cosmetology school for nothing - and he is a drag queen; he absolutely knows what he's doing when it comes to prettifying people.

It was actually a fairly pleasant evening? I was very anxious, but it was Tuesday so not so busy, and the servers were lovely, and I managed not to drop anything down my cleavage or whatever. And Reno and I managed to find enough to talk about. That's a problem, occasionally, when we go out; we live in each other's pockets, especially now he's home all the time because recovering from surgery, so we don't always have new things to say. But Catherynne Valente's fabulous new book dropped today - Refrigerator Monologues, I'm a quarter of the way through and already in love, no surprises there - and we started talking about that and wandered all around the place to education. It was nice, and the food was fab.

But about fifteen minutes after we left, my stomach started freaking out - which makes no sense, because there was no meat of any kind that could have been improperly cooked, even if a place like that is at all likely to fuck up their cooking, which they're not - and I was curled up in the Kamppi lavatories for far too long in fucking agony. Clearly, my body is Not Interested in healthy food, but insists on its diet of pizza and pringles. What. How the fuck is it possible that I do so well eating nothing but crap - which, let's not bandy words here, I do, my diet is terrible and I do not pretend otherwise - but get violently and agonisingly ill eating things like salad and beautifully steamed broccoli and artichokes??? Which is literally all it was. We had a 'tasting menu', and it was the Green Menu, which means it was all veggies. Totally delicious veggies, btw. Rice and salad and chantarelle mushrooms (my fave) and truffles...all in little mini portions so no one thing could possibly have overwhelmed me. Wtf. Not impressed with my body, and totally baffled.

But I hatched a Mareep (my second ever!) from the batch of 10K eggs I was walking in Pokemon Go, which was obviously a delight (mareep is one of my favourite ever pokemon!), and as I said, Valente's new book came out and it is exquisite. As always. I don't think she's capable of writing even a meh book, never mind a bad one.

I've also had some really lovely (and long!) comments on Runed and B/B/S the last two days, and Reno and I brainstormed City of Knives and planned more brainstorming for tomorrow. I would really, REALLY love it if I could get past this chapter and get back to writing more or less normally. I LOVE this story and really want to finish it - the entire series, however many years it takes me...

This new song I discovered when we got in - in my Youtube recs; it doesn't always get the recs right, but when it does, they're spot-on - is definitely inspiring. So many Runed feels. I WANT TO WRITE DAMN IT.

I am hopeful. Messed up stomach aside, I feel good. Fingers crossed I might actually be able to brainstorm my way past the writer's block and do some writing in the near future!


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